Networks and meeting points

Find the right networks and meeting places for you and your company.


ADA >>
ADA, Association for Design and Advertising, is a meeting place for the creative industries in Gothenburg and Western Sweden. ADA works for favourable development and increased profitability in the creative industries in Gothenburg and Western Sweden.

Enterprise Europe Network >
Your guide to the European market. The network helps you to identify international business partners, with innovation coaching and information and advice on EU-related matters, current financing possibilities and innovation support, issues touching on CE marking, e-commerce and intellectual property rights. A worldwide network of 3,000 employees at 600 offices in some 60 countries. The network in Sweden is backed by 15 national and regional trade organisations, including ALMI Företagspartner and Business Region Göteborg.

Expedition Framåt >
Business Region Göteborg's growth programme for small and medium-sized companies in the Gothenburg region. We work to maximise growth companies. We do so by creating the conditions for growth for entrepreneurs with the potential and ambition to develop their company.

Business associations in Gothenburg >
Business Region Göteborg partners with business associations with the aim of supporting these associations and their members. These business associations are active in shaping the business climate in Gothenburg, among other things.

West Sweden Chamber of Commerce >
A private, politically-independent trade organisation with over 2,700 member companies from throughout western Sweden. Works to generate growth and develop western Sweden for the future by helping companies to do more and better business and through political lobbying.

Meeting points

Brewhouse >
Brewhouse is an innovative centre for people, ideas and activities in the cultural and creative industries. The concept encompasses some 70 companies, incubator activities, modern studios and a larger experimental event and concert arena.

Johanneberg Science Park >
Johanneberg Science Park aims to develop an environment that stimulates collaboration between academia, trade and industry and social actors at Chalmers' Campus Johanneberg. Initially, the science park is focusing on supporting development in the fields of the built environment, energy, materials engineering and nanotechnology.

Lindholmen Science Park >
Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education in transport, information and communication technology/ICT and media. It enables actors from trade and industry, academia and society to jointly pursue research and development projects.

Sahlgrenska Science Park >
Provides new companies and projects in the life sciences with the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment and offers support in areas such as business development, financing and networking. Business concepts are welcome even at the purely conceptual stage. The science park is well versed in handling matters of the strictest confidentiality.

Entreprenörskvarter >
Entrepreneurial people all over the world have different drives and motivations. In order to concretise all notions and dreams of starting up, running and developing a new company, Gothenburg will establish its own Entreprenörskvarter (Entrepreneurs' District) in the old town. Here, we will focus on breadth, which will help to define the cutting edge of our organisation.

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