Ownership and financing

Business Region Göteborg is responsible for business development in the City of Gothenburg and represents thirteen municipalities in the region. Business Region Göteborg contributes to the creation of more jobs, thereby achieving sustainable growth in trade and industry throughout the Gothenburg region.

We do this by sharing knowledge and contacts, providing the foundations for those looking to start, establish or develop their business in the region. Business Region Göteborg is a non-profit company and does not engage in commercial activities.


Our vision:

Sustainable growth in the Gothenburg region

Background and history

Our history begins in 1977, when the Trade and Industry Development Agency was founded under the supervision of the Gothenburg local authority. Collaboration with other municipalites was initiated and resulted in the conversion of Gothenburg's Trade and Industry Development Agency into a limited company on 1 January 2000, taking the name Business Region Göteborg AB. Our model of working widely and cooperatively with the development of trade and industry has become a shining example to many other organisations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of political representatives and reflects the financial contributions of the municipalities. The Board consists of six members representing the City of Gothenburg and three representatives elected by the Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities (GR). The Board convenes six times during the course of a year.

The Chairman of the Board is David Ljung (S).

The remaining members of the Board are as follows:

  • Eva Ternegren (MP), Gothenburg, First Deputy Chair,
  • Anders Sundberg (M), Gothenburg, Second Deputy Chair
  • Lennart Olsson (L), Gothenburg,
  • Hans Rothenberg (M), Gothenburg,
  • Peter Lindh (S), Gothenburg,
  • Stefan Svensson (M), Partille, (GR)
  • Miguel Odhner (S), Kungälv, (GR)
  • Marie Östh Karlsson (S), Mölndal. (GR)


Our core financing is currently provided by means of operating grants from the City of Gothenburg and the other municipalities of the Gothenburg region in proportion to their respective populations, together with group contributions from Göteborgs Stadshus AB. In addition, we receive funds for the regional growth programme from the Västra Götaland region, as well as co-financing and operating grants from other regional and national government agencies and the business world, linked to the various projects we are involved in. The scope of our operations varies depending on the number of projects we are participating in at any given time.


Business Region Göteborg AB is owned to 100 percent by Göteborgs Stadshus AB which is, in turn, owned by the City of Gothenburg. Our work with business development focuses on the entire Gothenburg region and its 13 municipalities.

Parent Company

Business Region Göteborg is a joint-owner of the following companies:

  • Lindholmen Science Park AB
  • Johanneberg Science Park AB
  • Sahlgrenska Science Park AB
  • Göteborgs Tekniska Collage AB
  • Almi Företagspartner Väst AB

Business Region Göteborg has a seat on the Boards of Directors of:

  • Almi Företagspartner Väst AB
  • Almi Invest Västsverige AB
  • Brewhouse non-profit association (Chair)
  • Brewhouse Incubator AB (Chair)
  • FinansKompetensCentrum, non-profit association (Chair)
  • FramtidsFrön, non-profit association (Vice Chair)
  • Nyföretagarcentrum Göteborgsregionen (Chair)
  • Näringslivsgruppen Göteborg & Co
  • Svenska Ostindiska Companiet AB


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