Regional collaboration

Our operations are built on the conviction that there is strength in numbers. Cooperation between many different parties and many different people often results in bigger rewards than if everybody just works for themselves.

When it comes to regional development, this is even more important. We can advance ventures that seem to be promising through active collaboration according to the triple helix concept, i.e. cooperation between academia, industry and the government. This applies to both financial resources and working hours.

We work closely with a number of bodies, including the Göteborg Region Association of Local Authorities, the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland and, not least, business developers spread throughout the Gothenburg region's 13 municipalities.

Municipal collaboration gives regional strength

The various municipalities in the Gothenburg region have have a cooperative relationship since the 1990s, but it was not until the year 2000 that Business Region Göteborg was founded - which has inspired other organisations around the country. The close collaboration between the 13 municipalities takes the form of, among other things, the municipalities' business developers helping each other to find land and premises for companies looking to establish in the region, and there is also an on-going and continuous dialogue between the municipalities' praesidiums and directors.

Neutral party can drive progress forward

We are also often involved in projects in which Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg, regional colleges, other organisations and businesses play key roles. Business Region Göteborg sometimes serves as project manager and is occasionally one of several participants in projects managed by other actors. It is just as important for us to draw contacts together in a way that generates opportunities for collaboration in projects that we ourselves are not participating in.

We have no connections to any individual organisations or companies. As a neutral party, we can bring together complementary competences, encourage shared ventures and, by doing so, enhance the cause of innovation through collaboration.

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