Cybersecurity – a mapping of the West Sweden ecosystem

Mobility XLab showroom (Zenuity head office)

Lindholmspiren 2, 417 56 Göteborg

Monday 18 June 2018

08:00 - 10:00

Gain insight from the latest mapping of the West Sweden ecosystem and listen to some key actors.
Lindholmen in Gothenburg

"Our world today is ruled by technology. Social networks, online purchases and business IT systems are just a few areas where technology plays an important role. Information is often called “the new oil."

However, the same technology could be vulnerable to information theft or loss of essential data. Over the past few years, cyber-attacks grown in number and are more powerful in their nature.

Cyber security has thus, slowly and steadily, become a very important topic both in our private lives, in our society and in our business life.
Welcome to a one hour seminar where we give an insight in a few of the companies of the Gothenburg region that are specialized in working to improve different aspects of cyber security and security online.

  • Introduction to the area
  • Mapping of interesting actors in the Cyber Security area in the Gothenburg Region, Johan Hogsved, Haw & Co
  • Why Solve a Problem You Don´t Even Know You Have? by Anna Borgström, head of NetClean
  • CyberSecurity - a matter of life and death, by Stefan Simonsson, regional manager for CyberSecurity at Combitech
  • Panel discussion and Summing up

Business Region Göteborg and Lindholmen Science Park

Registration closes on 15 June.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Behm 
Area & Investment Manager ICT, Business Region Göteborg; +46 707-755596

Ola Stensby 
Programme Manager, Security Arena Lindholmen Science Park AB, +46 31 764 70 27 


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