foss-north 2017

Folkets hus

Olof Palmes plats 1, 413 04 Göteborg

Wednesday 26 April 2017

08:00 - 17:00

foss-north is a one day conference focused on open source for both software and hardware. We gather both local and international speakers for a day about technology, collaboration and networking.
foss-north 2017

foss-north is an annual one day conference about open source and free software. During a day we gather international and local speakers to discuss technology, community and related topics.

The seminars covers separate topic such as specific projects, technical challenges, how various communities work, but also legal aspects such as IP rights and open licenses. In addition to the seminars a joined networking breakfast is arranged where visitors and speakers meet.


  • Lydia Pintscher, the product manager of Wikidata, Wikimedia's knowledge base, as well as the president of KDE e.V.
  • Lennart Poettering, from RedHat known for systemd, PulseAudio, Avahi and more.
  • Jos Poortvliet, with a background from SUSE and KDE, he now heads marketing at Nextcloud.

Date & time: 26 April 2017, 08:00-17:00
Where: Folkets hus
Cost: SEK350, includes breakfast, lunch and fika.
The tickets for foss-north 2017 are available at - grab them while they are hot!


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