West Sweden–China, with focus on trade and finance

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmspiren 5, Göteborg

Friday 17 May 2019

08:30 - 11:00

How does the relationship between China and Western Sweden work out - not least ten years after Geely's purchase of Volvo Cars? But more than that - Nevs, CEVT along with several other companies and industries have substantial and frequent exchange and relation with China. What will the future look like? Does our competitiveness increase or decrease?
Seminar: West Sweden – China, with focus on trade and finance

Welcome to Global Business Gate Day #3

In West Sweden we have an advantage due to our history, our port and longstanding, good relations with China.

What are the future consequences of our long relationship, what are the possibilities and, if any, what are the threats? It is our ambition to highlight this issue in a dialogue between our lecturers and you as a participant.

During the event we hope to reach new insights as well as concrete thoughts and, not least, opportunities for Gothenburg and the region – from where we hopefully can take further steps.

Take part of a day filled with inspiration, learning and active participation.

Programme for the seminar behind this link.

Welcome to participate in this event. Head for globalbusinessgate.se/chinaseminar and share your thoughts, questions and reflections on our subject. Thereby you will be an integral part of the discussions at the seminar as we will relay your input to the speakers.


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