The Gothenburg region is one of the world's most innovative regions. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts in to taking your idea into reality.

Innovation development

Innovations enable long-term growth and job creation. Many Swedish innovations originate from the Gothenburg region. If your company can contribute to innovation development in our region, then Business Region Göteborg has many interesting meeting places and forums for you.

We help you find your way

The Gothenburg region is home to many actors that work to promote innovation. If you have an innovation or an innovative idea and are unsure where to turn to for its continued development, contact Business Region Göteborg. We can guide you in right direction and suggest relevant networks and meeting places where you can find potential partners for collaboration, business development and financing.

When you need access to the city's infrastructure

We can open your eyes to the opportunities offered by the City of Gothenburg's physical and digital infrastructure. Maybe you have an idea for an app that requires data from energy, traffic or environmental analyses? If so, we have that data.

The city can be a customer or host a test bed – with ElectriCity paving the way. Feel free to ask us about the kind of test bed you need. 

Why we work with innovation

In the report EU Innovation Scoreboard 2015:4, the recommendation for Western Sweden is to strengthen regional coordination in support initiatives and cooperation between different actors. There's also a need for greater incentives for entrepreneurship and innovation in small and medium-sized companies, together with help to upgrade traditional industries. The challenges for Western Sweden and Sweden are to create better conditions for innovation through increased investments in human capital and R&D, but most of all to increase the business advantages of the extensive innovation work that is already pursued.

Smaller companies are important for growth and R&D because they create jobs both internally and externally. And smaller companies inject knowledge into larger companies and drive innovation.

Business Region Göteborg has been given a mandate from the City of Gothenburg to work proactively with innovation and we know which factors favour a thriving innovation climate. We work with such factors in various ways so that you as a company are able to operate in a stimulating environment. We want to increase the number of commercialised innovations, secure the human resources the region needs and help increase the availability of capital.

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