Innovative testbeds

We initiate innovative testbeds together with different industrial partners, the academic and the city region. Gothenburg comprises a vibrant testbed for innovative and sustainable solutions. Current projects include ElectriCity, in which a new type of electric bus is being tested, with indoor bus-stops.

A testbed is physical or virtual environments where companies, academia and other organizations can collaborate in developing, testing and introducing new products, services, processes or organizational solutions.

We're well experienced in initiating and participating in different types of testbeds. As a neutral partner, we can run and coordinate projects in which many stakeholders with complementary areas of expertise can be brought together to develop new solutions, which can then be tested in real city environments.

Within each project we always strive to develop expertise and concepts with new solutions, which in the longer term can be exported or attract investments and new enterprise to the region.


Here you can find and learn more about the region's testbeds>>



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