New meeting places offer new opportunities

If you do the same thing everyday, you can expect the same results. What would happen if you met companies from an industry outside your own? We arrange meeting places that promote development and offer new opportunities.

We help you

Business Region Göteborg can help you make new business contacts in your own and other industries – here and abroad. You can turn to us for ideas about different financing alternatives, to get in touch with politicians and decision makers in the municipalities of the Gothenburg region or to discuss development opportunities when you have an innovative idea. We can help bridge any gaps in expertise slowing the development of your company and put you in contact with researchers at universities and institutions. In short, we can help you with:

  • Cross-boundary collaboration
  • Innovation-friendly meeting places
  • An overview of test beds in the Gothenburg region
  • Facts & figures about our leading industries and clusters

A springboard to the world»

Do you have a flourishing local business network but lack international contacts? We have business and government agency contacts throughout the world and are happy to help you enter the export market.

Financing, financing, financing»

Do you have a good idea and know that it could be profitable but lack the necessary financing? We initiate meetings where companies get the chance to pitch ideas to suitable financiers.

Politics is closer than you think»

We know which politicians and civil servants to contact in different matters. We organise round table discussions and workshops at which politicians, government agencies and business people from the entire region meet and discuss.

Sweden tops The Global Innovation Index»

Many Swedish innovations originate from the Gothenburg region. If your company can contribute to innovation development in the region, then we have many interesting meeting places and forums for you.

Providing the region with the right expertise»

You know which expertise is required by your company and in your industry. Tell us about your future needs and we'll ensure that seats of learning are informed about future educational needs.

Research and enterprise in harmony»

You develop products and services in your company but perhaps lack an in-house research and development department. Fortunately, the world of research is closer than you think. We help you make the contacts you need.

Which cluster are you a part of?»

When companies and stakeholders cooperate within a region or an industry to improve their opportunities to develop and succeed, we often talk of clusters. Geographic proximity can provide advantages when it comes to the exchange of information and access to cutting-edge expertise. Industry partnerships can benefit purchasing, product development and regional brand building.

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How a strong region benefits you

When business goes well for companies in our region, willingness to establish operations here increases. Companies already operating here grow, expertise is kept in the region and more jobs are created. This, in turn, attracts both national and international expertise and investments. We become a knowledge-based region where research, development and innovation thrive. Success begets success.


Business Region Göteborg – Clusters & Innovation

Initiatives focused on clusters and innovation comprise one of Business Region Göteborg's core activities. By cluster we mean a group of companies and stakeholders that cooperate within a region or an industry to improve their opportunities to develop and succeed. Business Region Göteborg has a goal-oriented strategy for promoting networking and partnerships.


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