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AI and connected vehicles big trends at world’s largest tech conference

WebSummit is one of the world’s largest tech conferences and draws over 60,000 participants from over 170 countries. Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager ICT at Business Region Göteborg, was on location.

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Erik Behm

Which trends did you see at this year’s WebSummit?

“Just now the big trends are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. There’s lots of talk about Big Data, and there is even a trend around Smart Cities and how electronic data collection can help with managing assets and resources in a city.”

“Another major trend is connected vehicles and self-driving cars. Several large carmakers are here and my feeling is that this is a major focus from many directions.”


How are Nordic countries and West Sweden positioned in terms of these upcoming trends?

“The whole society is changing right now and we in the Nordic countries and the Gothenburg region have conditions that are incredibly strong. We have digital maturity, we have a will and are good at what we do. My assessment is that we could take on so much more, both when it comes to attracting international companies, but also for our companies in the region to venture into new markets. We truly are among the best.”

“These past few days I’ve had many visits to Sweden’s booth from companies that want to establish themselves on the Nordic and Swedish markets. There is incredible interest in our market – it’s been great.”   


How does BRG work with Tech and ICT to keep up with the rapid development and competition from other regions?

“We work proactively to develop business relations with companies in innovative places, where for example Lisbon resurfaced from its recession and is now an innovative hub. Business Region Göteborg also works a lot with connecting companies within the same branch and cluster but also between different sectors and clusters. At the same time we gather companies at various meeting points, such as global meeting places we have in Gothenburg like Vitalis, Connect2Capital and Gbg Tech Week.”

“We are currently assessing the situation in the region for AI, Big Data and Machine Learning, EdTech as well as Safety and Security within ICT. This information will helps us to analyse the sector and is helpful for foreign companies that approach us. It also helps us identify where we can create cluster initiatives.”

“From there we will initiate professional networks so that those that work in the sector have a very strong network to collaborate with.”   


What is your advice for the region’s ICT companies that want to create growth?

“Collaborate with other companies, get help from business incubators, science parks and Business Sweden and participate in various contexts and meeting places. Talk with us at Business Region Göteborg – we know the industries and have many useful contacts!”

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