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Per Nilsson, Inkit

Colourful development at Ringön resulted in European collaboration

When this Gothenburg-based company needed to reduce its production costs, the solution was to look for business partners in Europe – where they attracted great interest.

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Inkit works primarily with the development and sale of inks and related hardware for industrial use. Each type of ink is designed for a particular application, which can be anything from marking plasterboard to printing production dates on eggs.

Continuous development
Inkit was founded in 2009 by Per Nilsson, a chemical engineer with extensive experience from the industry.

"I saw the possibility to develop products in a different way and wanted to take the chance to do so by starting my own business. And that's how we continue to work today – we design products the way we think they should be developed."

As we step through the doors to Inkit's premises at Ringön in Gothenburg, we find ourselves in the midst of a lab. Technical equipment, test tubes and walls splashed with ink reveal that this is where it all happens.

"We produce all our inks here, as well as conduct development and testing," says Per.

Opened doors to Europe
When Inkit realised they needed to reconsider their production costs, they got in touch with Enterprise Europe Network.

Behållare för färgdunkar

"In this case, it concerned one of the containers we use for storing ink canisters," Per explains. "Production costs in Sweden have risen and we wanted to look at different options for reducing them. It's important that we keep our costs down so that we can invest in areas that will benefit the company in the long term – development and long-term growth."

Karin Grundskog, a business developer at Enterprise Europe Network in Gothenburg, explains that her role is to open doors and match companies in Europe as effectively as possible.

"When Per got in touch, I published the request in the tool we use to match business requests with companies in Europe. And it attracted interest from a number of companies all over Europe," says Karin.

Two of them proved to be of particular interest and following a careful selection process, the assignment was awarded to a Finnish company that has now completed its first delivery of boxes to Inkit.

"Thanks to the way Enterprise Europe Network matches companies, we saved a great deal of time compared to if we'd had to look for the right partner ourselves," Per emphasises. "I can well imagine that we'll enlist Enterprise Europe Network's help again in the future."


Inkit AB develops and markets inkjet printers and inks for industrial product labelling. Since its beginnings in 2009, the company has helped industrial customers to simplify and improve their labelling with inkjet printers. The company has proved highly innovative within inkjet labelling and holds unique patents in the field. 



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