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Cyber security

Cyber Security – a mapping of the West Sweden ecosystem

Our world today is ruled by technology. Social networks, online purchases and business IT systems are just a few areas where technology plays an important role. Data is often called “the new oil".

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However, the same technology could be vulnerable to information theft or loss of essential data. Over the past few years, cyber-attacks have grown in number and are more powerful in their nature.

Cyber security has thus, slowly and steadily, become a very important topic both in our private lives, in our society and in our business life.

During the spring, Business Region Göteborg and Lindholmen Science Park, conducted a survey of the Gothenburg region's ecosystem concerning cyber security.

Why now?

“We are being affected by several mega trends and technological breakthroughs such as AI (artificial intelligence), block chain and real-time decision making. We are truly in a wave of digitization and digitalization. This combined with growing security threats, we see that Cyber Security is an important area with rapid growth in the region. For AI we could see a pattern with some verticals and industries in the lead but for Cyber Security we see the development in almost every application area,” says Erik Behm, Area & Investment Manager at Business Region Göteborg.

Can you give some example of findings from the mapping?

“As Cyber Security is of importance to most organisations, if not all, both in the private and public sectors, we find highly competent providers of professional services in the region. Not so well known is that we also have a number of very interesting companies developing solutions for information security,” says Johan Hogsved, founding partner at haw & co who has conducted the mapping.

“Another area where the region has a lot of actors and where Cyber Security is of utmost importance is of course in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles,” says Johan Hogsved.

Arena for collaboration and development

Lindholmen Science Park is an international collaborative environment for research, innovation and education within the areas Transport, ICT and Media, placed at Gothenburg's most knowledge-intensive and growing area. Lindholmen Science Park offers a neutral development environment where the private, public and academic sectors can run research and development projects.

How do you experience the interest in the topic from your partners and stakeholders?

"The modern society’s vulnerability is growing along with the complexity of our connected life. As I see it the awareness of this, however, is still lacking in different levels, both when it comes to public organisations, industry and ordinary people in their homes. Many of the challenges are of the kind that cannot be solved by one part, it needs cooperation involving many actors," says Ola Stensby, programme manager of Security Arena at Lindholmen Science Park.  

What are the ambitions from Lindholmen Science Park?  Will there be any new projects in related to cyber security?

"As we believe this a common challenge that needs to be addressed and solved in cooperation we strive to include cyber security aspects in our programs. We hope that we will be able to do more in this area together with partners and various actors," says Ola Stensby.

What will be the next step in the work of when it comes to cyber security?

"With the technology development the possibilities using the technology are increasing and the threshold to start gets lower and lower. The companies are important but the interaction with academia is as well and the region has the only IT-forensic education in the Nordics," says Erik Behm.

"For the future growth the region needs meetups and networks but also meeting places and conferences as well as arenas for open innovation," Erik concludes.

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