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Port of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the 'best location for central warehouses'

Gothenburg is the best location for a distribution centre in Scandinavia, particularly for import companies with large volumes passing through the Port of Gothenburg. This was revealed in a new study published by the consultancy company SWECO.

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The study found that Gothenburg is the best location for the establishment of a distribution centre if the customer base is in Sweden, Norway or Denmark.

“Gothenburg has emerged as an attractive option for enterprises with large import volumes,” said Maria Johansson of SWECO, in a press release from the Port of Gothenburg.

The report demonstrates how the cost of freight transport and distribution can vary markedly between different logistics locations throughout Scandinavia. The comparison was made between four established locations: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Jönköping and Vestby (Oslo).

The study compared costs for transporting freight from port to warehouse as well as palletised distribution to the consignee.

From a transport and distribution cost point of view, both Vestby and Gothenburg came out favourably. But once rent and wage costs were factored into the equation, Gothenburg was shown to be the most cost-effective solution.

The reason why Gothenburg comes out well in the study is its closeness to the port, which offers direct, oceangoing services and extensive European traffic. The geographical and demographic situation – proximity to consumers and the market – are other factors that weigh heavily.

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