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Gothenburg wins future city awards at Mipim

Gothenburg has been named one of Europe’s top future cities by the Financial Times FDI Magazine, which every other year ranks Europe’s future cities and regions at the international property fair Mipim in Cannes.

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“These awards are recognition that the Gothenburg region is one of Europe’s hottest growth regions,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO at Business Region Göteborg, who received Gothenburg’s awards during the prize ceremony at Mipim.

In total, Gothenburg won four awards and was ranked among the top 10 mid-sized cities in the categories cities of the future, connectivity, economic potential, and human capital and lifestyle.

“It shows the versatility and breadth we can offer in Gothenburg. We are one Europe’s most connected and open regions, we have a high level of competence and a good lifestyle,” says Andreas Göthberg, head of FDI at Business Region Göteborg and project leader for the Gothenburg stand at Mipim.


FDI European Cities & Regions of the Future is awarded by FDI Magazine, which focuses on international investments. Prizes are awarded in several categories and at the 2018 prize ceremony held at Mipim on 13 March, Gothenburg won the following awards:

Top 10 Mid-Sized European Cities of the Future (ranked 6th)

Top 10 Mid-Sized European Cities of the Future - Connectivity (ranked 2nd)

Top 10 Mid-Sized European Cities of the Future - Economic Potential (ranked 10th)

Top 10 Mid-Sized European Cities of the Future - Human Capital and Lifestyle (ranked 10th)  

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