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MIPIM 2018 monter

Hello there Andreas Göthberg from Mipim

We spoke with Andreas Göthberg, head of foreign direct investment at Business Region Göteborg, who is one of the people manning the Gothenburg stand at Mipim, the international real estate fair in Cannes.

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Hi Andreas! What’s being talked about at this year’s Mipim?

Hi there! Something we have noticed this year is that it’s more international. There are more participants from the Asian and African markets, as well as the US. In terms of the Gothenburg region, people are talking about, and are impressed by, that a region of our size can have so many projects underway at the same time.

How are the interest levels for the Gothenburg region?

There is a lot of interest in the Gothenburg region. We are noticing this both in terms of visitors to the stand and the number of pre-booked meetings taking place.

What does a day at Mipim look like for you?

It is full on. Yesterday we started with a seminar in the stand on a proposal for the area around Gothenburg’s new arena. It drew a lot of visitors and many of them remained in the stand afterwards. For my own part, the day then shifted between pre-booked meetings and spontaneous discussions in the stand. In the evening we also arranged a workshop for participants in Gothenburg’s delegation, which is always a much appreciated component of the Mipim effort.

Thanks Andreas, and good luck!

Thank you very much!  

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