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Invest in Gothenburg

New tool helps you do business in Gothenburg

Interest in the Gothenburg region has probably never been greater than it is now. To help investors and companies discover the opportunities the Gothenburg region offers, we’ve created a new website Here you’ll find keys facts, arguments and contacts that will help do business in the region.   

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“We have focussed on four thriving industries – we are well aware that there are many other exciting areas. But the development in the automotive industry just now is one of the Gothenburg region’s biggest advantages,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO at Business Region Göteborg.

Opportunities within urban development are another key reason why many eyes are on Gothenburg. With planned investments of over 100 billion euros, it not only creates investment opportunities and jobs; it also gives fantastic possibilities to test new services.

Gothenburg’s logistics industry is another area of strength. 70 per cent of Scandinavia’s population and industry is within 500 kilometres of Gothenburg and the connections are developing all the time.

“The fourth area we have chosen is life science, and all the opportunities there are for research, development and business connected to health, medtech and people’s living conditions,” says Patrik Andersson.  

On you will also find information on the region’s unique and diverse offering of testbeds. Here you can test products and services in virtual reality, in labs, in simulated environments and in real city environments.

For companies, investors, talent and tourists

This new site compliments our other site, which is a helpful guide and resource for international talent and their families who are moving to the Gothenburg region, as well as Swedish-based companies that want to recruit international employees.

If you are planning on visiting Gothenburg, or just want to know what the region has to offer in terms of museums, eateries, nature experiences and hotels etc., please visit

Happy reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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