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Nordic life science cooperation to show and grow

For companies in the life science sector, the US is generally the most important market. Breaking into that market alone is not always simple, but acting as a group can make things considerably easier. The 3rd Nordic American Life Science conference will be held on 28-29 November in New York. The event is expected to gather over 120 company representatives from the USA and the Nordics.

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The US is one of our most important trade partners, explains Iris Öhrn, investment advisor for life science at Business Region Göteborg. Out of the 2379 foreign-owned companies in the Gothenburg region, nearly 225 are owned by American enterprises.

“The aim of this initiative is to bring Nordic companies into contact with potential investors from the US as well as with business institutions who will be useful partners for future expansion activities in the US. Attracting investors by delivering European leadership is not enough. Understanding the investors’ decision making in a market that is highly regulated and demanding with regard to market access and product approval is the minimum requirement for success,” says Iris Öhrn.

DNB, Nasdaq, Business Sweden, Invest in Stockholm, Healthcare Denmark, Business Finland, Innovation Norway, to mention a few, are among the organisers of a very ambitious program that will offer two full days of panel discussions, inspiring presentations, matchmaking and interactive workshops.

“Some of the Nordic companies are at an early stage, but foreign investments are lengthy processes and this type of initiative enables them to see early on what is required to attract American venture capital, get their product FDA approved or performed clinical validation in the US,” Iris Öhrn.

Cereno Scientific, Cellink, Isofol Medical and Alzinova are among the participants from West Sweden.

“We promote the international competitiveness of our life science industry by going out and showing our best assets. Gothenburg is a small city in Northern Europe. You cannot attract companies, capital and expertise just by sitting here and waiting for the people to find you. Obviously, it makes a huge difference when we can attend as a group under the Nordic umbrella. This is just the beginning, together with our Nordic partner organizations we will be carrying out a series of joint international promotion activities in those markets that are relevant for our region.”

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