Financial problems at your company? We can help you.

Business owners in the Gothenburg region in need of financial assistance need not despair. Our Business Emergency service can help you – quickly, free of charge and naturally with full confidentiality. Don't wait – get in touch as soon as possible.
Financial problems at your company? We can help you.

Don't miss the warning signs
• Do you often have trouble getting your finances to go round?
• Do you have difficulties paying your supplier invoices, taxes and social security contributions on time?
• Are your sales and profits decreasing?
• Is your largest customer facing difficulties?
• Are you at risk of being listed for defaulting on payments?
• Are your costs high in relation to income?
• Do you have trouble getting credit/loans/overdraft facilities?



Results 2015: We helped 58 companies and saved 44 of them, corresponding to 158 jobs.


Call us on 020-100 132, or contact us by e-mail or our online form. We handle your case in strict confidence!

Other public sector organisations that help companies:
Almi Företagspartner – Loans, venture capital and advice at all stages of business development – from concept to successful company.

City of Gothenburg/Business owners – Information for business owners in the City of Gothenburg.

Företagarna (Swedish Federation of Business Owners) – Företagarna is Sweden's largest organisation for business owners. Our role is to create better conditions for doing business in Sweden.

Svensk Handel (Swedish Trade Federation)/Fake invoice scams – Advice on how to avoid fake invoice scams.

Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) – Support aimed at companies. Companies located in rural and sparsely populated areas can, under certain circumstances, receive regional support. There are also limited opportunities for companies in other parts of Sweden to apply for assistance. – Information and services from government agencies for anyone who runs or wants to start a business.

Region Västra Götaland – Information from Region Västra Götaland for anyone who runs a business.


The Business Emergency service has been in operation since 1997. In that time, more than 1,400 companies have received financial advice from the Business Emergency service. All in all, over 800 jobs were saved during the period 2012–2015 thanks to the efforts of the Business Emergency service. In 2015, 44 companies were saved, corresponding to 158 jobs. A full 75 percent of all companies that sought support and advice in 2015 avoided bankruptcy.

In the Gothenburg region, operations are run by Business Region Göteborg, co-financed by Region Västra Götaland.


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