Green Gothenburg

Gothenburg has in a relatively short period of time transitioned from being a polluted shipyard town undergoing a crisis to a more appealing and greener metropolis by the sea. Green Gothenburg, which is run by Business Region Göteborg on behalf of the City of Göteborg, welcomes delegations that come to look at the region's green system solutions. We help those who want to export their environmental engineering solutions come into contact with the appropriate delegations.

Green export opportunities

The Gothenburg region boasts many companies with expertise in producing technical solutions to help reduce climate impact. If you run such a company here in the region and are ready to start exporting, contact Green Gothenburg. We'll guide you to the right stakeholders, international networks and contacts.

Meet international delegations

Cities from all over the world want to take advantage of the knowledge Gothenburg has to offer in technical system solutions that contribute to creating a sustainable city and a sustainable region. Green Gothenburg arranges study visits in the fields of sustainable transportation, energy, waste and urban development. In conjunction with these tailored study visits, we work to establish numerous contacts between the delegations and companies here in the region.

Each year, we welcome about 50 delegations that come to look at everything from the emissions-free ElectriCity bus to our well-developed district heating network.


Green Gothenburg welcomes about 50 delegations annually that are interested in the region's various environmental engineering solutions

International marketing

Green Gothenburg's website is used by many cities to search for information about the areas of sustainability in which Gothenburg excels. There we highlight some of our strengths: sustainable transportation, energy, waste management and urban development. And there we market companies from the Gothenburg region that contribute to sustainable system solutions, such as district heating systems and waste systems, and which are presented in conjunction with study visits. If your company contributes to such a system, contact us to find out more about how your company can be featured here.

Good advice is not expensive

Green Gothenburg, which is run by Business Region Göteborg on behalf of the City of Gothenburg, is a neutral and non-profit organisation. Our mandate is to create a sustainable region and better conditions for companies so that the Gothenburg region continues to develop. Contact us to learn more.

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