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Devicia is specialized in helping medical technology companies with clinical studies. Customers are located in both Europe and the US. In just a few years the company has grown from one to twenty employees. Now the company has offices in Kungsbacka, Lund, and Stockholm, and has just opened an office in Philadelphia, in the US.
Rätt affärsidé startskott till succé för Devicia

Elisabeth Liljensten, Managing Director and owner of Devicia, tells about the company’s journey to success.

You are now established in the US. What are you going to be doing there?
“Following an invitation from the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, I will be travelling with some of my colleagues from Devicia around the United States (Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis and San Francisco) to hold a series of lectures. We will talk about changes in the European regulatory framework and how this affects clinical studies, and we will also meet with US medical technology companies that want to enter European markets. We will also have a number of separate meetings where we meet our clients in the United States.

You have had enormous growth in the last two years. What do you do to grow from 1 to 20 employees in such a short time?
“The growth is completely due to our customers and that is something we are very thankful for. Devicia was founded on the idea that there is a need for a CRO (Contract Research Organization) specializing exclusively in medical technology. We see the extreme growth as proof that this need exists and that we do a good job satisfying it.

What challenges have you encountered with such rapid growth?
“As with any fast-growing company, I think the challenge is to keep up with the internal work in the company. The focus is always on the customer, everything else is secondary. We have been fortunate to have succeeded in attracting employees who are not only capable of functioning in such an environment, but are also looking for that spirit that exists in a fast-growing company.

How do things look for the future - what is in the pipeline right now?
“We have just managed to recruit a highly experienced bio-statistician, so we are working with building up a biometrics department that can support our customers both with statistics and data management. In addition, there is a lot going on in the area of mobile health right now, where, for example, mobile phones offer new possibilities to collect patient data. This is an area we are really interested in being a part of.


Devicia is a participant in Business Region Göteborg’s growth program, Expedition Framåt. Elisabeth Liljensten has received a great deal of help from the program’s consultants with advice regarding both the organization and expansion.
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Business Region Göteborg is working to create conditions for the entire region's business economy by providing knowledge, connections and arenas for collaboration. Business Region Göteborg is responsible for business development in the City of Gothenburg and represents thirteen municipalities in the region. Life science is one of the areas we are working with by creating arenas and networks where research and businesses can meet. A new, major step is now being taken towards an international knowledge centre adjacent to the meeting place, Sahlgrenska Science Park. The University of Gothenburg is being coupled with Europe's largest university hospital.
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Devicia is one of the winners of the Gothenburg Company Award 2016 – which shall encourage good entrepreneurship by recognising innovative and creative companies in the Gothenburg region. Bluetest, another company that participates in Expedition Forward, is also among this year's winners. 


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