Entrepreneurs quarters

When Gothenburg celebrates its 400th anniversary, the aim is for the city to be an international role model for its entrepreneurial spirit and atmosphere. The establishment of an entrepreneurs quarters in Gamlestaden will provide a prominent figurehead for "The Entrepreneurial Gothenburg" initiative. It is expected to be inaugurated in 2017.
Entrepreneurs Quarters

In honour of our 400th anniversary in 2021, the city has a vision: Gothenburg is to be an international role model for entrepreneurship. A city that makes the most of people's ideas and dreams, and entrepreneurship is important aspect of their realisation.


“We want to put Gothenburg on the map as Northern Europe's most enterprising city. A city where curious and industrious people develop new ideas for social challenges as well as new and growing companies.”

The entrepreneurs quarters will form the beating heart of the new entrepreneurial Gothenburg. Large and small companies alike will gather here to develop the trade and industry of tomorrow. We aim to together with a number of organisations offer both services and experiences for all enterprising and entrepreneurial Citizens.

Environmental, economic and social sustainability form the basis and starting point for all activities in the entrepreneurs quarters. Furthermore, we consider diversity a strength and activities will be characterised by openness, accessibility and inclusion. Additionally, collaboration and an open approach will ensure that the offering we create has a whole that is greater than its parts. 

The entrepreneurs quarters is for entrepreneurs and innovators, future and current business owners and businesses that are in the startup phase, restructuring or growing. Here we'll offer all kinds of advice and expertise – all under one roof. This is also where together we'll lay the foundation for "The Entrepreneurial Gothenburg".  

Gamlestaden has always been a place for new ideas. Since 1621.

The entrepreneurs quarters geographic location reflects Gothenburg's proud past as an industrial and innovative city. Now it will once more be an arena for innovation and new enterprise.
This district, which is also the oldest part of the city, witnessed the making of industrial history. This is where from the mid-1700s the Sahlgren brothers ran the largest sugar mill in Northern Europe for more than a century. Then, until the beginning of the 1900s, it was home to Scandinavia's largest spinning mill, housed in what is now called Gamlestadens Fabriker. More than 1,500 people worked here.
It was in Gamlestaden that Sven Wingquist invented the ball bearing at the beginning of the 1900s. An innovation that paved the way for SKF, which was founded in 1907. And SKF founded a small spin-off company here in 1926, named after the Latin for "I roll". That small company was Volvo, which today is a world-leader in the automotive industry. In addition to cars, the brand also produces trucks, buses, construction machines, marine and industrial power systems and aviation systems.
So welcome to Gamlestaden – which has always been a place of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. And so it will remain, far into the future.

Gamlestaden is under major development  

In addition to plans to establish an entrepreneurs quarters in Gamlestaden, the entire city district will undergo a huge transformation. You can see more of this in the City of Gothenburg's film about urban development in the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K6YiKXAZXo


In 2021, Gothenburg will be 400 years old and we celebrate this by working together to make our city an even better place. Up until our anniversary. And for many years thereafter.

The entrepreneurs quarters is part of Gothenburg's 400th anniversary celebrations. This initiative has evolved from a civic dialogue that resulted in a project in which together with numerous stakeholders we promote the entrepreneurial Gothenburg. The project owner of this initiative is Business Region Göteborg.


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