Available land and premises

Are you considering building new premises or setting up your company in the Gothenburg region? As a neutral partner we offer support and advice to help you find suitable land or premises.
Available land and premises

Business Region Göteborg has longstanding collaborations with both municipal and private property companies and landlords in the Gothenburg region. Therefore we have good possibilities to help you find the right location and facilities for your business. Please contact us for more information.

Search for available land

Our searchable Available Land database provides you with comprehensive information on what land is available in the Gothenburg region for commercial and industrial purposes. The database is updated as soon as land is made available or sold.

Search for premises

If you are looking for new premises (including offices, retail space, office hotels and warehouses) you can do a search in our locale database (Lokaldatabasen). The database is only available in Swedish, but we will gladly assist you. 

Office hotels - a good alternative for small companies

If you have a newly started company, office hotels may be a suitable option. The offering changes regularly so contact us for more information.


Your partner when establishing and investing

Our Establishment and Investment Service offers tailor-made solutions for companies wanting to establish or invest in the Gothenburg region. Learn more


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