Automotive and transport

The Swedish automotive industry has its heart in the Gothenburg region. Here we find the entire vehicle production chain, unique test environments and world-class expertise. Business Region Göteborg provides you with contacts and opens doors to industry collaboration.
Automotive and transport

The home of Volvo

The Gothenburg region has long been the capital of Sweden's car manufacturing industry. With Volvo at the fore, a strong transport and automotive industry has developed, encompassing several large international businesses and subcontractors. Today, Volvo Cars is the largest employer in the entire region, followed by Volvo Trucks.

Together, the region's large companies represent more than 60 percent of Sweden's total investments in automotive research and development. These investments generate innovation and expertise in a number of areas. For example, Gothenburg is one of the world leaders in safety and new transport solutions in the form of self-driving vehicles, mobility and electrification.

A world-class test arena  

Gothenburg acts as a test arena in a number of projects – not the least within transport and automotive. Business Region Göteborg is often a collaborator in such projects. We can identify companies’ needs and gather actors from the private, public and academic sectors. Examples of projects where many actors work together to bring ideas to fruition are Hyper Bus and ElectriCity where entirely electric, silent and emission free buses are now in operation. DriveMe is another such project and during 2017, 100 self-driving cars will be tested in real traffic.

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

An important key to the region's success in the automotive industry is the collaboration between enterprise, academia and the public sector. Lindholmen Science Park and Johanneberg Science Park in Gothenburg channel such collaboration and act as platforms for cross-disciplinary and cross-industry projects. Project that include Test Site Sweden, developing test and demonstration environments for sustainable transport, Telematics Valley, working with vehicle-related telematics, and automotive ICT Arena, gathering actors in the field of vehicle IT.

Collaboration within the region has even resulted in AstaZero, the world's first full-scale test environment for the traffic safety of tomorrow.

Sustainability in focus

The automotive industry exhibits strong development towards greener and more efficient goods and passenger transport. Reaching the Swedish government's vision of a fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet by 2030 requires alternative fuels and electric vehicles.

How we can help

For information on the automotive cluster in West Sweden and the various networks, turn to Business Region Göteborg. We provide contacts and create meeting places. We help you when you want to increase your interaction with large and small companies, universities, government and other industries. Here or internationally. We also support companies interested in establishing, investing or expanding here. Please contact us for more information.


Automotive industry statistics

Employees: 28,000
OEM companies*: 65 percent
Foreign-owned companies: 42 percent
Major export companies: 40 percent
*Original Equipment Manufacturer

Did you know that…

 ...100 self-driving Volvo cars will be operating on public roads in Gothenburg in 2017? The purpose of the Drive Me pilot project is to study the social advantages of autonomous vehicles. Stakeholders include Volvo, the Swedish Transport Administration and the City of Gothenburg.
…one-in-ten Swedish jobs are related to the automotive industry?
…most of Volvo AB's research investments are made in the Gothenburg region despite the fact that Swedish sales only comprise about four percent of total sales?
…cars, heavy vehicles and automotive parts comprise 10-15 percent of Sweden's export goods?
…the electric-powered Zbee three-wheeler, developed by Clean Motion in Lerum, uses less electricity than a microwave oven? The Zbee can be seen on the streets of India and other places.

Regional assets

AstaZero >
Research and development of unique environments for traffic safety. Together, state agencies, academia, research institutes and companies have developed an internationally unique test arena.

Chalmers University of Technology >
University specialised in technology, science and architecture. Of its 44 master's programmes, 17 are linked to the automotive industry.

Closer >
A national arena for research, development and innovation in transport efficiency. This arena is part of Lindholmen Science Park.

Engineering Vantage Alliance, EVA >
EVA's members include more than 5,000 technology consultants in the automotive industry on Sweden's west coast. Members exchange their extensive expertise, cutting edge technology and insights in sustainable solutions.

Lindholmen Science Park >
A science park in Gothenburg that gathers important actors in intelligent vehicles and transport systems, modern media and design.

MobilityXlab >
MobilityXlab is a platform founded by Autoliv, Ericsson, Volvo Cars, Volvo Group and Zenuity. Later CEVT also joined. Here startups and companies are offered working space and direct contacts with the founding companies to jointly develop solutions for future transportation.

SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre is an organisation that acts as a hub for research in vehicle and traffic safety in real traffic environments.Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association >

The Scandinavian Automotive Supplier Association, or Fordonskomponentgruppen (FKG) as it's known in Swedish, is the industry association for suppliers to the automotive industry. They arrange business meetings between members, car manufacturers and suppliers in other parts of the world.

Telematics Valley >
A neutral organisation that supports and strengthens the regional development of companies and technology in the field of telematics.

Test Site Sweden, TSS >
TSS supports the development of sustainable transport with world-leading test environments and demonstrations of new vehicle technology and infrastructure. Run by Lindholmen Science Park.

Vehicle ICT Arena >
Vehicle ICT Arena offers an open environment for innovation and human resource and succession management in vehicle IT that helps secure Swedish competitiveness in sustainable and safe mobility. Run by Lindholmen Science Park.

Viktoria Swedish ICT >
A non-profit IT research institute focused on vehicle and transport informatics employing about 30 researchers.

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