Ongoing climate change is one of the most serious threats to global development – socially, environmentally and economically. Companies in the Gothenburg region have great expertise in technical solutions to help reduce climate impact. Business Region Göteborg provides knowledge and contacts to those who want to develop their cleantech companies.

We help you

You can turn to Business Region Göteborg for information about the cleantech cluster in Western Sweden, to find out where they meet and who to approach regarding different matters. We mediate contacts and create meeting places. We help you when you want to increase your collaboration with large and small companies, universities, the public sector and other industries. Here or internationally.

Green export opportunities

The Gothenburg region boasts many companies with expertise in producing technical solutions to help reduce climate impact. If you run such a company here in the region and are ready to start exporting, contact Green Gothenburg. We provide you with knowledge, guidance, international networks and contacts.

Read more about Green Gothenburg here>>.

Gothenburg the test bed

Gothenburg has in a relatively short period of time transitioned from being a town of heavy industry to a more appealing and greener metropolis by the sea. Among other things, we've created conditions for sustainable and attractive public transport.

We achieve this through collaboration. One example of successful collaboration in Gothenburg is how we've gathered 15 stakeholders from industry, research and society to work together to develop, test and demonstrate new solutions for the future. This collaboration is known as ElectriCity. Within ElectriCity we create a platform for developing and testing services and products that can contribute to more attractive public transport. Examples include new bus stop solutions, traffic control systems and safety concepts, and energy supply and storage systems.

Cluster analysis Environmental Technology

A mapping of the environmental technology cluster in Gothenburg Region. The mapping contains facts and statistics about the environmental technology companies in Gothenburg Region. Here, the industry, ecosystem and these actors are described, as well as the development of the cluster since 2008.

Download the cluster analysis environmental technology here (1,8 MB)


Did you know that…
…in Västra Götaland we have an ambitious climate goal – to be independent of fossil fuels by 2030.
…Gothenburg's district heating network acts as a role model throughout Europe and Göteborg Energi began developing it back in 1952, when the city's first combined heat and power plant was built in Rosenlund. Today, the district heating network measures about 1200 km in length, from Ale in the north to Askim in the south.
…HSB Living Lab is currently under way in Gothenburg. There we take a giant step into the future. In a close collaboration between people and researchers, the housing environment of the future is being created in the third generation Living Lab.


 Would you like to learn more about Green Gothenburg and green export opportunities? Contact Sofia Carlsson McConell. Contact details can be found on the left.

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