Infrastructure and Logistics

The Gothenburg region is an important import and export hub. Scandinavia's largest sea port provides market access to ten different countries. Here you'll find broad expertise in logistics and good infrastructure with a focus on sustainability. Business Region Göteborg provides you with knowledge and contacts and opens doors to collaboration.
Port of Gothenburg

The Gothenburg region has been named Sweden's best logistics location for more than ten years running. A key factor is the Port of Gothenburg, which has a reach of about 190 million inhabitants in ten Nordic and Baltic countries. From open water it takes just 90 minutes to reach the port, which is always ice-free, enabling about 11,000 vessels to dock each year. This is also the only port in Sweden with direct transoceanic routes to countries such as China, India and the USA.

Short distances between the port and warehousing means low logistics costs and about 25 daily container shuttles offer companies in Norway and Sweden the opportunity to use green transport to and from the Port of Gothenburg.

Air freight and research

The goods chain is reinforced by Göteborg Landvetter Airport, which offers international air freight services. Terminals and warehouses adjacent to the airport offer the fastest transshipment of goods in all of Europe. Swedavia, which operates Göteborg Landvetter Airport, is a world leader in the development of airports with minimal environmental impact.

Another factor that further reinforces the region's position as a leading logistics location is the Northern LEAD Logistics Centre at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University. This centre pursues research in logistics and transport with a focus on sustainable development.

What we do

In recent years, the Gothenburg region has attracted the attention of increasingly more companies due to its strategic location. Moreover, land is still available close to the Port of Gothenburg and Göteborg Landvetter Airport. At Business Region Göteborg we mediate knowledge and contacts to companies that want to establish or expand their operations here.

Another important part of our work is to create meeting places and networks that bring together trade and industry with academia and the public sector. We work with strategic human resource and succession management in the field of transport and logistics. We also initiate and participate in demonstration and development projects that strengthen the region and help create sustainable growth.


Below are a few of the initiatives in which we are currently involved:

ElectriCity >
In June 2015 a new electric bus service will be tested in Gothenburg. The idea behind the project is to create quiet, emission-free public transport to help further modern urban development. Aside from the actual buses, the collaboration encompasses the development of new bus stop solutions, safety concepts, traffic control systems and energy supply systems.

The Scandinavian 8 Million City >
The aim of the EU's The Scandinavian 8 Million City project (which ended in autumn 2014) was to create a Scandinavian metropolitan region via a modern rail link between Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen with a journey time of two and a half hours. Even though this particular project has come to an end, the matter is still on the agenda.

Logistic Hub Scandinavia >
A collaboration between Business Region Göteborg, Swedavia Göteborg Landvetter Airport and the Port of Gothenburg to strengthen the region's position as a leading logistics location by attracting logistics companies and new air and sea routes.

Logistik och Transport Stiftelsen, LTS
LTS is a logistics and transport foundation that supports scientific research and university education with the aid of some sixty stakeholders to secure the knowledge and innovation needs of both enterprise and society in general. LTS acts to ensure that logistics research in the region can maintain and develop its world-leading position.

Best logistics location

For more than ten years running, the Gothenburg region has topped the list of Sweden's best logistics locations. According to Swedish-language trade publication Intelligent Logistik, one key factor is the Port of Gothenburg and the railway lines. Other strengths that are mentioned include the region's collaboration with Oslo and its surrounds.


Did you know that…

…the railway lines to and from the Port of Gothenburg reduced carbon emissions by 60,000 tonnes in 2013? That's equivalent to the annual emissions of 17,000 cars.
…Göteborg Landvetter Airport offers some 50 direct international air routes?
…the Gothenburg region is home to 2,300 overseas companies from 50 different countries?
…one third of the vessels that dock in the Port of Gothenburg can use quayside electricity to power all functions on board? This initiative won the Port of Gothenburg and Stena Line an international award, the Nobelux Grand Prix d'Excellence for Environment & Climate Action 2012.
…a number of large logistics and transport companies have operations in the Gothenburg region? These include Geodis Wilson, Green Cargo, DB Schenker, Stena, Volvo Logistics and Maersk.
…leading up to 2028 major infrastructure investments are under way in Western Sweden – with Gothenburg at the centre – jointly referred to as the West Swedish Agreement? The aim is to create better public transport and more reliable transport for trade and industry.


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