Maritime industries

The maritime industries comprise one of Western Sweden's prioritised areas. The sea and businesses related to the sea are of great importance to the Gothenburg region. Business Region Göteborg provides those working in the maritime industries with knowledge and contacts.
Maritime industries

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Western Sweden Subsea Network

Are you among the cutting-edge companies working in the subsea field? Or can you provide the technical know-how required for underwater technology and are curious about getting in touch with those active in the sector? If so, you don't want to miss the opportunity to join our active and relevant network in the subsea field. Business Region Göteborg runs the Western Sweden Subsea Network, or Nätverket Västsvensk Subsea in Swedish, together with OffShoreVäst.

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Port of Gothenburg – a hub for the region's maritime industries

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia and a gateway to the world for much of Swedish industry. The maritime industries comprise one of Western Sweden's prioritised strong clusters. Western Sweden is home to 3,000 maritime companies with some 20,000 employees, corresponding to 45% of Sweden's maritime industry employees.  Companies in the maritime industries are represented in all municipalities in the Gothenburg region. The maritime industries encompass a large number of sectors and business conditions vary between them.

The global maritime market is considerable; it is valued at more than 210,000 billion Swedish kronor and employs more than 200 million people. Shipping and tourism comprise the largest segments of the maritime sector. The forecasts for most areas associated with the maritime economy point towards continued growth. Leading up to 2050, maritime transport is expected to grow by almost 430% on a global level, tourism and aquaculture are expected to more than double by 2030 and offshore wind power is expected to exhibit annual growth of 20–25%.(Source: A Swedish Maritime Strategy, 2015–, Government Offices of Sweden)

The maritime industries have left their mark on our coastal area. Today, we comprise a Nordic shipping hub in the shape of the Port of Gothenburg, a centre for research and development in maritime environments and maritime development, and a Swedish fishing centre.

Västra Götaland Region is responsible for coordinating strategic activities in the maritime sector in Västra Götaland.

Read more about how Västra Götaland works with the maritime sector here


Did you know that…
… Volvo Penta is among the world leaders when it comes to inboard motors and complete propulsion systems for everything from pleasure boats to commercial vessels and industrial motors?
…there is a strong shipbuilding tradition, especially on the island of Orust which has several shipyards for yachts and motorboats?
…in order to develop the maritime industries and to pursue research in environmentally sustainable shipping, trade and industry and academia have a number of collaborative projects? One example is Lighthouse at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.


Would you like to join the Western Sweden Subsea Network? Contact Hans Larsson. Contact details can be found on the left.

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