Tillväxt Turism: Collaboration to strengthen the tourism industry

Tourism is an important source of business in the Gothenburg region. In 2014, the industry reported turnover of around SEK 23 billion and provided a full year's full-time equivalents to 16,700 people. With the collaboration project Tillväxt Turism, we want to develop new products and strengthen competitiveness further among companies active in the tourism industry.
Tillväxt Turism - samarbete som stärker besöksnäringen

Increased tourism
At the national level, the target is to double tourism over a 10-year period up to 2020, while in the Västra Götaland region alone, the vision for 2020 is to be Scandinavia's most visited, highly-rated and income-generating tourism and event destination. If these targets are to be achieved, investment will be needed.

More exports
Through the Tillväxt Turism collaboration project, the tourist industry will boast an increased number of sustainable companies, new products for export demanded by the market and a new model for collaboration. A model that clarifies for companies the support available to them in the various phases of product development, with a starting point in the demands of the market.

Another key aspect of the project is to increase cooperation between the tourism organisations and municipalities in the Gothenburg region. The actual development of the region as a destination is undertaken at the local level.

Knowledge and contacts
The companies that participate in the project will be offered the opportunity to initiate collaborations with other companies in the industry. The aim is to produce new, internationally-sustainable products within the field of tourism. The companies will also be offered support in the form of product and company development efforts, as well as help with customer offers, packaging and marketing.


Tillväxt Turism is a key component in realising the ambition for the Gothenburg region to be a sustainable destination from every perspective. Business Region Göteborg concentrates its focus on strengthening companies within the tourism industry by offering company development input to these companies. Partners in the programme are Göteborg & Co and Turistrådet Västsverige, with Business Region Göteborg serving as project owner. The project will run 2016-2018.


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