Gothenburg Climate Partnership; the business community and the city – for the climate

The Gothenburg Climate Partnership (GCP) is a long-term partnership between trade and industry in the Gothenburg region and the City of Gothenburg that aims to actively reduce our climate impact. We are convinced that the way to achieve lower carbon emissions is with measurable, robust projects focused on benefitting the climate.
Gothenburg Climate Partnership - Business community and the city – for the climate

Impactful projects for climate improvement

Gothenburg faces major challenges in terms of climate change. A historic technological leap is just round the corner and residents and businesses alike will be affected. Participating in the Gothenburg Climate Partnership entails facing challenges in an active partnership between trade and industry and the city, in projects that deliver a measurable positive impact on climate change.

Benefitting the city and business

The companies in the Gothenburg Climate Partnership are companies that want to make a difference. Companies that have realised how a strong sustainability profile means a stronger business. Within the GCP, we can achieve things that a single company acting alone cannot, results attainable only through partnership and collaboration. The GCP wants to gather the Gothenburg region's leading-edge environmental expertise in business, academia and non-profit organisations, as well as among stakeholders at the City of Gothenburg.

The Gothenburg Climate Partnership offers you:

  • The ability to implement projects that make a real difference
  • Access to the right stakeholders at the City of Gothenburg
  • A partnership with other companies facing the same challenges
  • Results measured using an international standard
  • Climate efforts promoted in communications from the GCP

Initiatives implemented by the city but governed by business needs

The City of Gothenburg initiated this climate partnership, but is only one of many stakeholders. Trade and industry in the Gothenburg region comprise the primary target group and partners and the GCP bases its activities on the needs of the participating companies.

The Gothenburg Climate Partnership is a neutral platform for process management, communication, support and impact analysis within the projects. The GCP coordinates the projects with other programmes and initiatives in the city and the region and links suitable stakeholders at the City of Gothenburg to appropriate projects.

The process

First, we identify our challenges

The first step is to identify common carbon challenges. This can be achieved in several different ways. You can contact the GCP for help making progress with challenges your company has identified. You may even have already initiated a project, perhaps for reasons other than reducing your carbon footprint, but in which we could help quantify and maximise the benefits for the climate.

Or perhaps the GCP project manager, via their network, identifies several companies facing the same or similar challenges and brings them together at a joint meeting or workshop.

A project group is assembled for each challenge

Once a challenge has been identified, a project is launched to meet that challenge. If the project is to be included in the GCP, it must provide climate benefits and encompass both public and private stakeholders. Ideally, the results should also be scalable or repeatable.

During the startup phase, we gather appropriate stakeholders for the project group. The participants can be companies in the same or similar industries, universities and colleges, other organisations and municipal companies and departments. For example, on the municipal side, this could mean the involvement of power company Göteborg Energi, the procurement department, the environment department or the planning department.

The GCP facilitates the project startup.

The project impact is measured several times during the project

As soon as the project is initiated, we conduct an initial assessment of the climate benefit or impact. We want to be able to communicate the positive effects as early as possible and highlight the companies that are willing to invest in reducing climate impact.

The expected impact is measured in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg's environment department. All measurements are made using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is an international, standardised method for measuring this type of impact.

As the project progresses, the GCP assists with process management, communicates results and facilitates contact with stakeholders at the City of Gothenburg who can help the project achieve its goals.

Follow-up and conclusion

Before the project is concluded, a follow-up is conducted. We measure the actual impact of the project and compare it with our initial ambitions. In addition, we assess the scalability of the solutions and compile any lessons learned for future projects.

The project is concluded and the project participants continue with their own activities. If new challenges are discovered as the project progresses, these can result in new projects.

Contact us for more information

Are you curious and keen to learn more? Are you already facing a challenge you believe would suit a GCP project? Contactor Anastazia Kronberg, Manager Gothenburg Climate Partnership.

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