GCP project: Reuse in construction and property management

Återbruk Väst – increased reuse for a sustainable construction industry

Återbruk Väst is a collaboration that aims to increase reuse in the construction and property management industries to the benefit of both customers and the climate.

The property management and construction industries currently account for about one fifth of Sweden’s climate impact, as well as about one third of all waste in Sweden. At the same time, a tiny fraction of this waste is recycled. The reuse of materials and interior fittings shows great potential.

The Återbruk Väst innovation project is focused on increased reuse for more sustainable construction and property management industries. A local collaborative project, bringing together eleven strong partners from industry, research and the public sector, aims to develop and test new work methods and solutions for increased reuse and circular construction.

Greater knowledge of prevailing attitudes and the challenges faced, combined with the development of regional networks for reuse, will contribute to the scaling up of the reuse market and the achievement the UN’s goal of sustainable consumption and production.

“With practical case studies of newbuilds, renovation work and demolition projects, we plan to measure the climate benefits and evaluate new solutions to scale up reuse,” explains Anastazia Kronberg, project manager at Business Region Göteborg, which under the aegis of Gothenburg Climate Partnership is participating in the Återbruk Väst collaborative project together with several of Western Sweden’s most prominent property owners, architects and experts.

Studies and pilot projects have shown great potential for the reuse of materials and interior fittings. However, this requires a wider range of products and more parties involved in sales, consulting, dismantling and related services in order to be able to scale up such reuse.

The Återbruk Väst project will run until the spring of 2021 and also aims to increase awareness of reuse and to establish a network of service providers in areas such as painting, dismantling and reconditioning, as well as the stocking and sales of used materials and products.

The project partners are the property owners Akademiska Hus, Castellum, Chalmersfastigheter and Klövern, architect firms Tengbom arkitekter and White arkitekter, Business Region Göteborg under the aegis of Gothenburg Climate Partnership, the City of Gothenburg’s premises management office and property management office, the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Johanneberg Science Park and Region Västra Götaland. The project is financed by the IVL foundation, Region Västra Götaland and the project partners.

Återbruk Väst – increased reuse for a sustainable construction industry

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The challenge: To reduce the climate impact and waste generated by the construction and property management industries through increased reuse.

The goal: 
– The project shall identify common challenges – including attitudes and organisational challenges – and bottlenecks to achieving work methods that embrace the reuse of construction products.
– Based on the identified challenges, develop solutions with new work methods and forms of collaboration that are tested and evaluated in case studies. 
Verify the benefits of the solutions in terms of climate benefits, reduced waste and impact on costs and outcomes.
– Develop and strengthen regional networks with the aim of enabling knowledge sharing between stakeholders, including a network of suppliers of reuse-related products and services. 
– Share the project results with the aim of getting more stakeholders both in and outside the region to employ work methods for reuse.

Participants: Business Region Göteborg, under the aegis of Gothenburg Climate Partnership, manages the project together with Chalmersfastigheter and the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Also participating are the City of Gothenburg (premises management office and property management office), the property management companies Akademiska Hus, Castellum, Klövern and Västfastigheter, the architect firms Tengbom and White, and Johanneberg Science Park. They are conducting seven case studies focused on demolition, renovation, extension, remodelling and newbuilds, including the Onsala Space Observatory and the preschool Hoppet.

Final report expected: February 2021
Carbon reduction: To be reported after the final report


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