Too Good To Go is reducing food waste one meal at a time

Being a two-sided platform startup Too Good To Go is always looking to find ways of connecting to local businesses, restaurants and authorities. This why ‘the food waste battling’ team decided to join the Climate-KIC Open Innovation program and participate in Open Innovation Day in Gothenburg.
Too Good To Go at Open Innovation Day in Gothenburg

According to the Danish startup Too Good To Go if food waste was a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and recovering just half of the food that is wasted could feed the entire world. Reducing food waste is a problem, that the team behind Too Good To Go have decided to help solve with their platform, that connects consumers with restaurant, bakeries and cafés with leftover food, that would otherwise be discarded in dumpsters.

”With our platform we want to reduce food waste. And in the process we hope to change people’s behavior and thoughts about food, consumerism and the use of resources – both in the minds of the consumers and the producers of food,” says Klaus B. Pedersen, CMO at Too Good To Go.

Through the Too Good To Go app users can browse the local selection of food suppliers, choose their favorite ones and buy the excess food at a lower price than normal. In that way both consumers, whom are willing to wait till closing time and not necessarily are the picky type about the exact type of food they want, and the shops gain from the deal. The users get a cheap, nice meal, bag of bread or cakes, and the shops still earn something instead of throwing good food out and completely losing the value. It also helps the shops keeping their waste at a minimum.

Open Innovation is helping Too Good To Go leap into Sweden

The startup originated in Denmark, where the 5 co-founders are situated. In 2015 the group of friends decided to take on the mayor problems of food waste and very quickly their concept have been spread to several cities and countries; Denmark, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria and New York. The team has grown in a very fast paste and now has more than 30 employees.

“As with all two-sided platforms onboarding is the big obstacle to work around. In our case we have to get the restaurants, bakeries and cafés onboard before we launch the app to users in a new area. We need to get a critical mass of companies to make attractive for users to download our app and start using it. And this one of the reasons we applied for the Climate-KIC Open Innovation Program,” Klaus explains and continues on:

“We hope that the Climate-KIC network can help us leap into Sweden, where we haven’t launched yet. We actually heard about through one of our Norwegian partners, who are familiar with Climate-KIC Nordic. And it seems to be the perfect opportunity for us to get new connections in both municipalities and business life throughout Europe.”

Klaus B. Pedersen and Too Good To Go pitched their concept at Open Innovation Day in Gothenburg, which landed them both to connections to local businesses and to the municipality of the city.

“It was a great experience, and we got some good connections out of participating in Open Innovation. And not only business related – we had the chance to meet other green companies and exchange experiences with them, which was really nice,” Klaus says in conclusion.

The startup hasn’t decided yet, if they are going to apply for more Climate-KIC programs, but Open Innovation was a positive and valuable experience for them.


Open Innovation Day in Gothenburg was arranged by Business Region Göteborg, the City of Gothenburg, Johanneberg Science Park and Climate-KIC at the 6th of October. Want to know more about Open Innovation Day? >>


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