Many new companies are established in the Gothenburg region

The start-up pace of new companies is lower in the Gothenburg region than in the Stockholm region and only slighlty higher than in the Malmö region when the population in working age is taken into account (i.e. the population in ages 16-64).

A total of 7,703 new companies were started in the Gothenburg region in 2016, which is a marginal increase of 0.4 per cent compared to the year before, when 7,673 new companies were started. If we instead look at how many companies were started per working age population, we can compare the start-up rate with the other two metropolitan regions.

In 2016 approximately 12 new companies were started per 1,000 inhabitants aged 16-64 in the Gothenburg region. This result is far lower than the 15.8 new companies that were started in the Stockholm region per 1,000 inhabitants aged 16-64. Compared to the Malmö region the start-up rate in Gothenburg region is slightly higher. However, since the beginning of the millennium the long-term trend shows an increasing start-up rate in the Gothenburg region.

Source: Growth Analysis

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