Strong growth in goods exports from firms in the Gothenburg region

Since 2010, the business environment in the Gothenburg region has had a strong growth in goods exports and, apart from 2012, the region's goods exports have developed significantly stronger than the other metropolitan regions and Sweden as a whole.

In total, the Gothenburg region's business sector exported goods for €19 billion in 2016. Compared to 2015, this represents a real increase in goods exports of 6 per cent. The corresponding change for the two other metropolitan regions showed negative growth, while exports of goods for Sweden as a whole only increased marginally.

The Gothenburg region's top five destinations in 2016 were Belgium, USA, Norway, Germany and the UK. A greater part of the export value consisted of goods from the automotive industry, machine manufacturing and computer, electronics and optics industries. This indicates that a greater part of the region’s export value is generated from knowledge-intensive goods.

Source: Statistics Sweden

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