Strategic logistics hub

The Gothenburg region is Sweden's foremost logistics hub. Scandinavia's largest port and an international airport bring the entire world within reach. The area is also a centre for research into sustainable logistics.
Strategic logistics hub

One of the Gothenburg region's strengths is is geographical location. All of 70 percent of the Nordic region's total industry is located within a radius of 500 kilometres.

It is also the home of the Port of Gothenburg, a key link between the Atlantic and Baltic Seas, the main catchment area of which incorporates ten Nordic and Baltic countries with a total population of 190 million.

From open water it takes just 90 minutes to reach the port, which is always ice-free, enabling about 11,000 vessels to dock each year. The Port of Gothenburg is also the only port on Sweden with the capacity to welcome the largest sea-faring container ships. The Port also works actively to reduce the environmental impact of shipping operations.

Proximity gives a strong goods chain

The short distance between the Port and storage spaces results in low logistics costs, while around 25 direct rail access lines for goods trains from the Port of Gothenburg to various inland terminals in Sweden and Norway entail a reduced environmental impact.

The Gothenburg region also has access to international air freight. Göteborg Landvetter Airport has terminals and warehouses adjacent to the airport that offer the fastest transshipment of goods in all of Europe. Swedavia, which operates Göteborg Landvetter Airport, is a world leader in the development of airports with minimal environmental impact.

Research for the future

In recent years, ever more international companies have seen the benefit of the Gothenburg region's strategic position, strong infrastructure and broad logistics competence. There are now approximately 3,000 foreign-owned workplaces in the region.

Another factor that further reinforces the region's position as a leading logistics location is the Northern LEAD Logistics Centre at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University. This centre pursues research in logistics and transport with a focus on sustainable development. The goal is to build a common ground between academia, trade and industry, government agencies and other organisations.


Best logistics location

For fifteen years running, the Gothenburg region has topped the list of Sweden's best logistics locations. According to Swedish-language trade publication Intelligent Logistik, one key factor is the Port of Gothenburg and its connected railway lines. Other strengths that are mentioned include the region's collaboration with Oslo and its surroundings and high quality education programmes within logistics.


Did you know that…

… Gothenburg has had a direct shipping line to China since as early as 1726?
… Göteborg Landvetter Airport offers some 50 direct international air routes?
… 30 percent of Sweden's exports pass through the Port of Gothenburg?
… air traffic to and from Gothenburg reached a new record in 2015, with a total of 6.2 million passengers?
… Logistic Hub Scandinavia is a collaboration between the Port of Gothenburg, Business Region Göteborg and Swedavia to attract logistics companies and new flight and ship routes?
Source: Port of Gothenburg, Swedavia.



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