Our services

Setting up a business in the Gothenburg region is easy. By offering knowledge and contacts, we help entrepreneurs and innovators turn their business concepts into reality.
We help you find the right advisors and meeting points

Setting up a business in the Gothenburg region is easy. If you have a business concept, we'll help you get it started. You can discuss your idea with us and we can provide good advice and guide you in the right direction for making the right contacts. Most of it is free of charge.

What we can do for you

Business Region Göteborg offers a range of services free of charge to people in the Gothenburg region who are curious about or who want to start their own company. In addition to more practical services, we also help with more overarching matters to make starting up and running a company as easy as possible. 

Business Region Göteborg has a regular programme of various seminars and workshops for new entrepreneurs, covering everything from book-keeping and drawing up a business plan to tax regulations, employment laws and labour rights. Being able to meet others in the same situation and create new contacts is also a bonus.


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