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Companies that want to grow and develop often need support. Our offering includes a tailored growth programme and free consultations for companies considering internationalisation. We can also help out when your finances don't develop quite as planned.

Our business development program, Expedition Forward (Expedtion Framåt), is designed for the leaders of companies that have the potential to grow in markets that are larger than just the local ones. Expedition Forward is a growth programme for companies from any sector that have 5- 249 employees.

Are you looking for new business partners, EU-funding or to learn more about Eu regulations? Free of charge and with local contacts and insights, Enterprise Europe Network, the world´s largest support network for small and medium sized businesses with international ambitions, can help your company innovate, grow and succeed in the European and the global marketplace.

You'll also find information about our Business Emergency service (Företagsakuten), which can assist companies at risk of or suffering from financial problems.

You can find all of our services listed in the menu on the left.

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