Permits and regulations

Företagslotsen helps you as a business owner to easily move forward in difficult cases.
Permits and regulations

Applying for permits

On the City of Gothenburg's website you can read all about the rules and regulations related to your business. For example, you can apply for permits for serving alcohol and selling food or you can see what's involved if you want to start an independent school or farmers' markets. You simply find all information about municipal rules you need to know as an entrepreneur. Visit the City of Gothenburg's website (in Swedish) or call 031-365 00 00 for information in English.

Difficult cases

Sometimes it's hard to move forward in matters relating to permits and regulations. It may be that several different permits are needed or that you simply are unsure of which department you should contact. In these cases you can turn to Företagslotsen for guidance. Their contact information can be found on the left.

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