Potential sources of financing and business support

Does your business need financing or financial support? We can direct you to the right financing assistance. If you want to start up or run a social business, we can provide specific support.
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Business Region Göteborg cooperates closely with several organisations that offer various types of financing support. Contact us and describe the kind of support you need, and will will direct you to the appropriate body.

Financing for new entrepreneurs
Are you going to start up a company and have questions about financing possibilities, and what types of support and financial assistance are available? Contact our BRG Business Center and we will match you with the right organisation depending on your specific queries and requirements.

Financing for Social Entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurs and companies are important to the Gothenburg region. We want these companies to benefit from the right conditions to be commercially sustainable and profitable, ensuring they can continue their operations in the long term.

In order for you to keep your focus on your aim of changing and improving, while simultaneously growing and developing, as an entrepreneur behind a social enterprise you may need assistance with matter related to business development and financing support.

Who can provide financing for your business?
There are various types of public announcements, consultancy checks and other sorts of financial support that you can apply for. These potential sources become available quite regularly and it could be a good idea to maintain a solid overview of such possibilities to make sure you do not miss something that may be the perfect fit for your business.

verksamt.se (in English) provides links to various financing sources for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital, in conjunction with, for example, the development of a company, business concept or innovation. The Västra Götaland region itself has also gathered different types of financial support that you can read about on its website.

We have listed below a handful of major actors offering different types of financial assistance.

Strengthen companies competitiveness
Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (link)

Almi Företagspartner Väst (link)
Mikrofonden Väst (link)

Risk capital
Almi Invest (link)

Financing of research and innovation projects
Vinnova (link)



Do you have questions related to new entrepreneurship? Contact Dragan Sako. Do you have questions related to social enterprise? Contact Ali Tabrizi or Maria Lindström.


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