Urban development

Gothenburg is one of the most rapidly expanding regions in Europe. An estimated 100 billion euros will be invested in urban development and infrastructure during the coming 20 years.
Urban development

RiverCity - Scandinavia’s largest urban development project

Over the next few decades, central Gothenburg is set to double in size as development is planned over buildable land spanning five million square metres. With around 25,000 new homes and 45,000 new workplaces, RiverCity is set to play an important role in the city’s future.

To build and develop such a large area demands major investments and sustainable solutions. It demands innovative ideas within traffic systems, smart energy solutions and different types of housing that are affordable for many. The opportunities for investors are tremendous. Please contact us for more information.

Strategic infrastructure investments

Large infrastructure projects, part of the West Swedish Package, are either under construction or in the planning phase. These will make it easier for people to travel to and from and within the city, create a better environment, and provide preconditions for reliable transport for businesses in the Gothenburg region.

The West Swedish Package includes among other things a new rail tunnel under central Gothenburg (West Link), a tunnel under the Göta River (Marieholm Tunnel) and a bridge in the city centre (Hising Bridge).

There are also visions and efforts to connect Oslo, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen by developing the infrastructure to create a new European region of the future. Three nations, four big city regions and two capitals – this is the Scandinavian 8 million city. Gothenburg would thus become a hub and a central point in Scandinavia.          

Sustainable growth

The focus now is to developing Gothenburg into an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable city. A green, unified, open and lively city, where it’s easy for people to get around and meet. Business Region Göteborg has insight into planned and ongoing investments, and our role is to monitor and raise the business community’s perspective.


Did you know…

… The Gothenburg region is advanced when it comes to sustainable urban development. Other cities and regions come for study visits to see how we work and to meet with technology providers. For more information visit Green Gothenburg.


River City

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